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Nicola Owen

Hi, my name is Nic Owen and I’m a Wellbeing Practitioner, Trainer, Coach and Director at Zennic Wellbeing. A company that provides a wellbeing service that offers support, training and workshops for all stakeholders.

I have over twenty years of classroom experience as a primary school teacher and I am a mum to two wonderful teenage sons.

The importance of looking after myself has become crucial for my own mental health and wellbeing. Self- care is something I firmly believe in as a foundation to good wellbeing.  I have improved my physical, emotional and spiritual health, increasing my emotional resilience, thirst for self-improvement and challenge. As a result, I formed my company in February 2019, identifying the need to empower and educate others in the field of self-care to increase good wellbeing and positive mental health.
Zennic Wellbeing has evolved through identifying the needs of the children I have worked with over twenty years of classroom practice. It has evolved from working with colleagues and seeing good teachers working hard. It has evolved from supporting parents who have needed strategies to help their child and in turn help themselves. It has evolved from the work other agencies do in supporting children and their families.

I am a firm believer in the power of looking after ourselves in order to look after others. Investing in my own self-care practices has seen a shift in energy, positive mindset, challenge and focus. I have more clarity in my thinking and more importantly, I have the tools to deal with adversities and my reactions to things beyond my control.

I have a love of exercise and my personal challenges have seen me climb mountains, fight in a charity boxing match and my current challenge- running a marathon. I believe life is to be lived, experienced fully and challenging myself physically and mentally helps me move out of my comfort zone. Leaving the teaching profession to pursue my own business is somewhat of a challenge too!

At Zennic Wellbeing, we offer training, workshops, 1:1 and online courses to support people in becoming the best versions of themselves. We all have the power to overcome adversities, we just need the tools to do it. Zennic Wellbeing can provide the skills, support and encouragement to do just that.

I love my work, passion is my drive and making a difference to the lives of others is my mission. Zennic Wellbeing is built upon the five core principles of wellbeing that encourage the people I work with to have a proactive approach to support their own wellbeing.