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Nicola Owen

As a busy primary school teacher and mum to two boys, aged ten and thirteen, life can get pretty hectic. The importance of looking after myself has become crucial for my own mental health and wellbeing. I have improved my physical, emotional and spiritual health. Increasing my emotional resilience, thirst for self improvement and challenge.
Zennic Wellbeing has evolved through identifying the needs of the children I have worked with over eighteen years of classroom practice. It's evolved from working with colleagues and seeing good teachers working hard. It's evolved from supporting parents who needed strategies to help their child and in turn help themselves.
We all have mental health. Looking after it is crucial to our day-to -day living. I want to be able to offer schools workshops and training on preventative tools to improve the wellbeing of their pupils, staff and parents. Improving confidence, building self-esteem and self- belief. Creating a positive environment where wellbeing permeates all aspects of school life and the support of the children and all those involved in their nurturing. My work comes from the heart and is a natural progression from my vocation of being a teacher. Teaching has been my life, caring and supporting the children I teach, encouraging them to achieve their full potential, to be the best version of themselves. Encompassing my enthusiasm for health, wellbeing and the need to support our young people as they develop through school is my next step in a very rewarding career.