Don't just take my word for it...

What did you enjoy about the course?
“Everything, it has been life changing for me!”
Do you feel this course has been beneficial?
“Absolutely, it has really changed my life, with such a demanding job role it is vital that I take care of myself and this course as taught me how to do that.”
“As a newly qualified social worker, the tools I have learnt will help me look after myself.”
“Yes, during the course I have had a particularly stressful case and using the techniques from the training has definitely helped.”
“Definitely, the course has created an awareness of the importance of Self Care and Mindfulness for me This would help me to be more productive in my role and practice.”
Would you recommend this course?
“Yes, I have discussed in supervision and the positive impact it has had on how I view my daily workload.”
“I have told all my colleagues and my manager about how great this course is!”


Wellbeing Support Whilst Remote Working.  ½ day training course.

“I think this should be rolled out to people working from home to highlight that most people struggle and everyone is in the same boat. Managing our routines are important and staying connected is essential to productive and positive work.”
Brogan, Trainee social worker, Bolton Council.
“This course is a great way to take a step back and reflect both professionally and personally.”
Marshelle, Social Worker, Adult Services, Bolton Council.
“Nic has a lovely way of disseminating information that sinks well within. The course manual is very suitable.”
Soji, Social Worker, Adult Services, Bolton Council.
“The positivity of this course was great. It also helped us to be realistic when looking at where we are at in the current situation.”
Anne, Social Worker, Adult Services, Bolton Council
“Nic was so open and encouraging. She made everyone feel very relaxed and reassured us that we were already being supportive of each other and gave us more tips too.”
Karen, Deputy Manager of Adults social worker team, Bolton Council.

Debbie - Social Worker - Wellbeing for Remote Working.

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Nic, was a wonderful facilitator. She welcomed other peoples opinions. This is a course that I shall not forget and will build it into my working day.

Audrey - Social worker - Wellbeing for Remote Working

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Opened my eyes to the fact that I need to look after me first, set myself boundaries, ask for help and be confident in taking time out to refuel.

Kathryn- Social Worker

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If you do anything for yourself, then do this course! Taking part and learning how to look after myself has made me so much more positive and I am sleeping better! I wish Nic was around for me years ago. Thank you!

Anne-Louise- Teacher- Kick Start to Self Care

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I have had the pleasure of attending Nic's online courses and I thoroughly enjoyed the "Kick Start to Self-Care" at the start of the year. Lots of hints and tips on how to prioritise your self care in a busy world."

Maha Mohsin -Teacher - Sleep Workshop

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The session was clear, informative and gave me some action points to try out. I'm always inspired by someone who talks passionately about a subject, but even more so when they live and breath it too. I would highly recommend Nic for delivering on wellbeing. She uses science and her own experiences, intertwined with research to make you stop and consider the importance off wellbeing in your own life. It's been a few weeks and I can't thank her enough - what she gave me in 1 hour, has transformed my approach to looking after my own wellbeing.

Elaine- Social Worker- Self-Care and Mindfulness course

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been inspiring and motivational and I would recommend to everyone. I wish I could do this every week! Nicola was excellent and very knowledgeable whilst delivering this training. Thank you.

Heidi -Social Worker - Self-Care and Mindfulness Course

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Nic was very friendly and enthusiastic about self- care. Felt it was a safe space to share my experiences. It was interesting learning about the effects of what happens when self-care is not implemented. Enjoyed learning practically what I can do for self -care and the importance of mindfulness.

Margaret- Social Worker - Self-Care and Mindfulness Course

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I found Nic to be passionate about the training she was delivering, she had clearly planned sessions and knew and understood the material she was delivering. Time was given for everyone who wanted to contribute and Nic always remembered our names which was good.

Harriet - Social Worker - Self-Care and Mindfulness Course

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I have learnt the importance of boundaries and how this will complement the self-care tasks I have identified for myself. Nic is so friendly and warm, she makes it easy to discuss all the topics covered – a really enjoyable course. Thank you!

Hannah- Social Worker - Self-Care and Mindfulness Course

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Absolutely fantastic course - Nic is great and makes the course enjoyable and interactive. Very interesting learning about the different self-care techniques and how these can be implemented into a busy working day,