We offer an extensive range of courses, training packages, and coaching services to a broad range of clients. All our work is planned and delivered after a full consultation, ensuring we meet the needs of the clients/students and impact is measured. 

Supporting Parents

Parents play a valuable role in modelling good behaviour with regards to self-care and wellbeing. Zennic Wellbeing offers a range of support to parents either facilitated through school or individually to help them reach a good state of wellbeing as they nurture their children. 1:1 sessions and family support is available. 

Supporting Business & Local Authority

Wellbeing in the workplace is extremely important at Zennic Wellbeing. We can offer support for your workforce with numerous training courses to cover all five aspects of wellbeing. Our training packages can be facilitated face-to-face or online using a range if platforms to support your business or local authority. 

Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is a very strong focus at Zennic Wellbeing. As a teacher myself, I know only too well how difficult it is to manage a good work-life balance, identify, set and maintain compassionate boundaries and look after our own mental and physical health. At Zennic Wellbeing we offer a range of programmes to support staff and help schools develop a wellbeing ethos that weaves like a golden thread through all aspects of school life. We offer a wonderful Staff Wellbeing Charter Programme, which includes support in policy writing, identifying and writing action plans and support in setting up Wellbeing Teams to ensure wellbeing is maintained throughout school.   Self-Care workshops to support all aspects of the five areas of wellbeing are also offered as staff-meeting sessions, twilights or inset days. These bespoke sessions are all supported with questionnaires to measure the impact of the work schools set out to do.