• Nicola Owen

100 Words of Teacher Wisdom

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Smile. Be kind. Listen. Watch. Learn. Sleep. Eat. Drink water. Exercise. Plan. Think. Enjoy. Laugh. Giggle. Hug. Mark. Report. Rest. Read. Write. Party. Be with your friends. Go on visits. Tidy. Organise. Label. Journal. Gratitude. Be spontaneous. Ask. Be brave. Be honest. Cry if you need to. Support. Befriend. Join a union. Challenge. Find balance. Invest in your children. Build connections. Have hobbies outside of work. Spend time with family. Find bargains. Collect rubbish. Run…a bath. Relax. Unwind. Always pour from the overflow- keep your cup filled with positive wellbeing. Oh, and always wear sunscreen.

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