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Updated: Mar 23, 2021


  1. an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

  2. a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.

If I were to measure wealth on money and material things, I’m not rich. Yet I am a billionaire if you were to measure my wealth in terms of love, friendship and life.

I am wealthy, in that I have two beautiful little human beings who look to me for unconditional love, nurture and direction every single day. They enrich me with their laughter, humour, energy and love. My most precious treasure that I will defend to the hilt and protect will all my being. I am rich beyond my wildest dreams!

I am wealthy, in that I have a wonderful family around me. They love me, challenge me and encourage me. Again they add to my healthy bank balance of life.

I am wealthy, in that I have a beautiful little home. My own little castle that I feel safe in, with a pretty garden, a modest abode but it’s mine. A security that brings great relief in such difficult times. Another credit to the measure.

I am wealthy, in that I have some wonderful friends and acquaintances. Real friends who I know I count on to support and believe in me. I trust them and that top trumps any jewel or trinket of gold.

I am wealthy, in that I have have some great colleagues and associates. I have built a great number of positive people who I work with and contact for advice and support with my work. Again another positive deposit for the bank of life.

I am wealthy, in that I have opportunity. I am able to take opportunities as they present themselves. I can take risks and execute my plans. I realise that a lot of my opportunities are down to my privilege. I have had some amazing experiences in my lifetime and have faced some difficult challenges. My bank of life earns yet another credit of wealth.

I am wealthy, in that I have positive mental and physical health. I do not suffer with any medical conditions and I have a positive attitude to life. I am up there on the Forbes rich list if wealth were measured in health.

I am wealthy, in that I am educated. I have recognised qualifications that have given me the chance to work in the field of education and now to build my own business. I deposit a nice comfortable salary each month that provides for my family.

I am wealthy in the eyes of life. I don’t take things for granted and I appreciate everything I have. Some things have been a blessing ( my children for example ) and other things I’ve worked extremely hard for. I’ve had to overcome certain barriers due to my class, gender, values and beliefs. I’ve also realised that I have been lucky in that certain things have been given to me purely based on my white privilege and where I live in the world. I have an understanding of my place in the world, how lucky I am and how I can use all my wealth of life to do good things to help those less fortunate.

So when I am asked if I consider myself to be wealthy, I always smile and reply…yes.

I am rich beyond my wildest dreams, with the wealth of life!

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